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    Forum Rules (Read before joining or posting.)

    Post by The Black Knight on Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:54 pm

    1. Content - No posting of adult content or illegal and offensive images such as child porn, and any pictures involving rape, scat, torture, and anything found generally offensive. And it is prohibited to post links, cloaked or otherwise, to the various shock sites found on the Internet.

    2. Content 2 - Do not post or link to copyrighted material such as mp3s, roms, and other material that could be defined as Do not post or request pay site passes/keys/logins/etc, and do not post or request for the translation of a artist's password-like secret URL.

    3. Flaming - Be nice to the other members. The moderators and myself are not your babysitters, I expect you to behave on your own. However I'm not going to let you go wild. Also respect the staff.

    4. Registering - You are not allowed to have more than one forums account at any given time. Violations of this rule will cause your accounts to be closed and/or deleted without warning and your IP banned.

    5. Posting - Post in the Appropriate Forum, this is self explanatory. Mis-posted posts may be moved to the correct forum or deleted. Constant bumping of topics is not allowed. A "bump" is defined as just posting a message with the word "bump" or with the sole intention of moving a topic to the top of the forum while not contributing anything to it. Also posting two times in a row in the same topic is not allowed, if you have something to add please use the edit feature.

    6. Avatars and signatures - Avatars and signatures must not contain any content listed in Rule #1. Signature images may not be larger than 700x300 pixels.

    7. I reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

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