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    Ode to thee Nut Oil

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    Ode to thee Nut Oil

    Post by H4xR0x on Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:29 am

    Oh I'm wishing in brewing this lotion, the barrels filled with sand. Will you help me throw it to my brother on the other land?

    Our liquor is gettin' thicker! My brothers wanting it now, could you throw it over I really don't care how.

    Our lager is tastin' sappy! It really hits the spot! Hurl it to my brother use all the strength you got!

    We're makin this tasty drinkin' it goes straight to my brain! Take it to my brother so we can feel no pain!

    I wrote:EmporerZenos (11:26:01 PM): I lit some candles
    EmporerZenos (11:26:05 PM): and:
    EmporerZenos (11:27:18 PM): See what could burn, Lie down, nothing, nthing at all, sit down, draw, see what can burn again, LAWL SWEET HEARTS CAN MELT, Burn tooth picks, pet kitteh 2, pet gussah, stare into space, draw, look in backpack for book, not find book, lie in bed to, look at fire
    EmporerZenos (11:27:19 PM): : D

    I put the old meaning back in the word "gay". :D

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